PDP-11/34's with Octal Programmers Console (Model A or C) and the rest of the peripherals; etc.

Mr. Scott J. Stockwell S2ci.777 at Live.COM
Thu Aug 22 10:19:54 CDT 2019

Hi Jim,

Do you still have any systems and/or peripherals left? I'm looking

for a PDP-11/34 Model A or C (Preferably C) with the Octal Programmers

Console and Digital Display along with peripherals. Please let me know

what you have. Would you be willing to accept monthly payments

because I'm a disabled vet and get paid within the first week of each

month? I have a pickup truck and I'm coming from the Cleburne, TX

area. Would be willing to meet you half way. Looking forward to your


Most sincere and all the best,


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