Current MANX location

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Aug 21 12:24:20 CDT 2019

    > They try and list all known DEC manuals and print sets 

Ooops, my mistake; the coverage is much wider than that (they default to
DEC). On the home page, there's a pull-down menu labelled "Company",
which lists over 100.

    > From: "Paul Birkel" <pbirkel at>

    >> the KE11-B I also just found (IIRC, on one of the collections they list
    >> as indexed).

    > Please share a pointer to the location of that document


It was in someone's clone of Wilber Williams' Computer Museum (UQ Museum of
IT), which is indeed in Manx's list of sites they included. ('.me' is
Montenegro, and Synology is some Taiwanese tech company.) The whole list is

They have a lot of good stuff (I just found an MD10 brochure there, which is
AFAIK the only piece of MD10 documentation left in the world, other than a
section in a PDP-10 manual). I need to go through it and see what else they
have that I'm missing...


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