Current MANX location

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Wed Aug 21 09:46:24 CDT 2019

    > From: Zane Healy

    > What I found really odd was that it had part numbers and manual names
    > from one version, but when I clicked on the links it said no known
    > version online.

They try and list all known DEC manuals and print sets that ever existed, so
just because something is listed in the index page (and has a subsidiary page
which is linked from there), doesn't mean there's a known copy online.

If you look in the "Status" column on the index page, it will be blank if no
online copy is known, or "Online" if there is a copy (to which they link,
through the subsidiary page).

I have mixed reactions to it. I use it some, often to see if something is
online at all. (If I buy a manual, I usually check, to see if I need to
scan it, and get it to Al. Have a backlog at the moment, sigh.)

The problem is that there are 'false negatives'; i.e. entries where
they say 'none known online', but which are available. E.g.

  KE11-A Field Maintenance Print Set,9358
  KE11-B Field Maintenance Print Set,9361

Both listed as not online, but they are: the KE11-A is on Bitsavers,
and the KE11-B I also just found (IIRC, on one of the collections they
list as indexed).

So I'd use it as a 'first stop', but don't depend on the negatives to
be accurate - do a Web seach if it pans out.


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