multi-section cap for Tek 4006

Fritz Mueller fritzm at
Sun Aug 18 15:17:31 CDT 2019

I'm working my way through a Tektronix 4006 terminal purchased of eBay right now.  First stage is the low voltage power supplies, and I noticed right away that one of the multi-stage electrolytic filter caps there was running quite hot (this was with downstream electronics isolated, and a 40 ohm dummy load on the +20V supply per recommendation in the service manual.)

The cap in question is a multi-section Mallory can, 150 at 400 / 150 at 250, used to filter the +185 and +320 unregulated supplies.  It is C395 A/B on the schematics, Tek part 290-0549-00, Mallory part 68D20193.

This terminal is so beautifully engineered inside that it would be a real shame to replace this with some sort of ugly bodge.  Any part-sourcing gurus out there able to steer me in a good direction here?  I have found the part listed in the various online NSN aerospace cross-referencing sites, but haven't bothered to ask for a quote from any -- I'm guessing cynically that "RFQ" + "Aero..." = 5 zillion dollars for one piece... :-)  Has anybody here used one of these sites successfully?


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