Archiving information, was Re: ADM-3A question

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Aug 16 01:21:36 CDT 2019

    > From: Eric Christopherson

    >> Anyway, the whole 'how do we find the info' is a part of why I started
    >> working on CHWiki, once I discovered it

    > Psst: it would've been a good idea to share the URL to CHWiki.

Well, that passing reference wasn't an attempt to get people to go look at
it, hence no URL! :-) I was focused on the abstract discussion about 'how do
we make information accessible, if relying on search engines to find blog
postings doesn't work'.

I have on several occasions posted appeals to this list for people to
contribute content to it, and gotten almost no response (with one notable
exception), in terms of added content; that was a large part of why I merely
mentioned it in an offhand way.

    > a site I was already familiar with, but not under the name you used for
    > it.

Ah, formally it's the 'Computer History Wiki', except that's a lot of typing,
so I've been using 'CHWiki' as a short, easy-to-type, name for it for some
time now.

    > (It was a bit hard to find with Google, which just goes to show...)

Yeah, I added "CHWiki" to the text on the Main Page to make it a little easier
to find from the short name, after a previous case where I'd used that term
here, to some people's confusion. But I see it still doesn't work well; I
guess I'll have to add 'CHWiki' links from more pages. Using 'Computer History
Wiki' as a search term only works slightly better, though; it's at the bottom
of the first page of results for me, below a bunch of Wikipedia links.


PS: In response to a point raised in a private reply to me; the site is for
_all_ historical computers: personal computers, mainframes, the lot. I myself
have added a lot of PDP-11 material, but only because I'm very fond of them,
and know them well. The field of historial computers is _way_ too broad for
one person to cover in depth, which is part of why I previously appealed to
people who knew/were familar with other corners of it to add detailed content
in those areas.

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