XXDP on PDP-11/03

Nigel Johnson nw.johnson at ieee.org
Wed Aug 14 05:41:42 CDT 2019

That sounds like it is trapping due to an LTC interrupt. Turn off the LTC



On 13/08/2019 21:05, Douglas Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> Recently, I assembled one of the RX02 emulator boards developed by 
> AK6DN.  I am using it presently in a BA11-M box with PDP-11/2 cpu 
> (really basic 16 bit system).  I put the disk images from github on 
> the SD card (RT11 V5.07 and XXDP not sure what version).
> The box has a BDV11 bootstrap / terminator board and I use this to 
> boot the RX02 emulator.  Works fine when I boot RT11, however I can't 
> boot XXDP - it halts at 000104.
> Do I need to use a different version of XXDP to run on the PDP-11/03?
> Doug

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