[EXTERNAL] I need a keypunch (briefly)

Bob Roswell broswell at syssrc.com
Tue Aug 13 08:46:18 CDT 2019

Chip -

Our museum in Baltimore in 330 miles from you.  Our 029 cardpunch worked last time we turned it on!

Bob Roswell
broswell at syssrc.com
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The Computer Museum of America in Roswell GA (400 miles) has 2 working 029s. Don’t know the condition of the ribbons.  Contact Lonnie Simms via info at computermuseumofamerica.org.  Tell him his CA IBM benefactor sent you.  I hope you have black cards. If not, let me know.

Otherwise you could try http://www.kloth.net/services/cardpunch.php and print the JPEG on heavy stock.


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I was referred to this group by dave.g4ugm at gmail.com who thought you might be able to help me.

I need to punch a half-dozen datacards for an award for a retired IBMer.  Anyone know where I can find a working 026/029/129 within 300 miles of Raleigh, NC?

Many thanks for any pointers.

Chip Davis
chip at aresti.com

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