Identification of an HP minicomputer

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Mon Aug 12 16:59:28 CDT 2019

Can you provide a picture of the front panel? 
2113 implies a 21MX-E; the nine-slot version is a 2109 while the fourteen-slot would be a 2113. 
This might help - . 

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I have sitting in my pile of stuff an HP minicomputer that I’m trying to identify (at least in terms of exactly what it is and what sort of configuration it might have). 

As far as I can tell, it’s an HP-1000 M-Series minicomputer (that should hopefully get us *some* details). The “asset tag” lists the part number as 2113023-108. Looking at the back there’s space for 9 I/O cards (5 are occupied). 

So my question is which of the several CPUs could this be and how do I tell (for example) what the configuration is (e.g. how much memory, etc). 

Yes, I have looked on bitsavers, but short of disassembling the box to look at the (at least) 2 boards that are below the I/O slots, I can’t tell what’s there and I’d like to see if there’s a way to determine what this is without resorting to disassembly. 


TTFN - Guy 

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