Control Data 9766 drive on epay

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at
Mon Aug 12 15:55:30 CDT 2019

I would suggest that as you haven't seen one in ages, the price reflects the rarity and the vendor is hoping for a rich collector to buy it.

I don't know off hand of anyone who uses one. I know that the 4341 at LCM uses emulated DASD as does the ICL 2900 at TNMOC in the UK which I think has some EDS300 drives

which look almost identical to the CDC drive on E-Bay, there are a few more pics here

There are people using smaller exchangeable drives such as DEC RL01 and RL02 drives, and the similar drives on the IBM1130 and IBM1800 but those are a totally different ball game...


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> Hi list,
> Just came across this:
> Control-Data-9766-Storage-
> Module/143351908424?hash=item2160708848:g:3yEAAOSw1oJdTo9u
> Haven't seen one listed in years. The price lets me assume that this offer
> addresses customers that may use these drives in a production environment or
> so...
> I am not aware of museums or hobbyists who have such drives currently in a
> functional state to read and write from and to 80MB (CDC 9762) or 300MB
> (CDC 9766) disk packs. Maybe the CHM? ... not taking into consideration the
> CHM activities related to the Xerox disk cartidge  (2315-equivalent) software
> archive project.
> Anybody out there? Would be interesting to know.
> Best regards,
> Pierre
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