Pertec Interface Cable Length

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Mon Aug 12 00:25:08 CDT 2019

On 8/11/19 8:51 PM, Douglas Taylor via cctech wrote:

> The TC02 is an Emulex TS11 emulation for pertec interface tape drives. 
> The J1 and J2 are sort of standard terminology, don't know why.

Ah, the *Emulex* TC02.  You had me going there--DEC also has a DECtape
controller called the TC02.

Looking at the TC02, there are 374s to latch data coming from the
Qualstar and use the termination packs, but there are also 7438s driving
the lines from the TC02 to the Qualstar.   Those have no terminators.

The TC02 reference manual says that you get run lines up to 30 feet long
between the TC02 and formatter.

My point is that the driver technology for the Qualstar (i.e. read data
and status) is inappropriate for long cable runs.   The spec calls for
48 ma OC drivers.


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