Removing PVA (Was: ADM-3A question)

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Sun Aug 11 16:21:48 CDT 2019

On Sun, Aug 11, 2019, 11:29 AM Alan Perry via cctech <cctech at>

> On 8/11/19 6:58 AM, Charles via cctech wrote:
> > Anyway. I did a bit more Googling and discovered that plain water
> > dissolves the PVA goop just fine. No need to use a lot of expensive
> > alcohol which seems to be a less effective solvent anyway!
> Last Christmas, I removed the old PVA from a DEC VR201 for a Rainbow
> 100. On the advice of a website that I found, I bought butyl acetate and
> a long needle syringe for injecting it deep into the PVA.
> However, after I removed the seal around the glass/tube, the glass
> practically fell off and most of the PVA came off in a sheet. I had some
> electronics grade isopropyl alcohol around anyway and I used that to do
> a final clean of everything before reassembly and reseal.

What did you replace the PVA with?


So, if anyone in the Seattle area needs a bottle of butyl acetate ...
> alan

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