Pertec Interface Cable Length

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Aug 10 12:10:46 CDT 2019

On 8/10/19 9:45 AM, Douglas Taylor via cctech wrote:

> I bought the long cables off ebay, so they have to be good? Right? I
> think the short cables came from a hamfest.
> The cables can be fairly long, I remember interfacing a TU80 to an
> Emulex QT14 (maybe) and the DEC cables were round and about 15 feet
> long.  And it worked.

Of course it did--the TU80 hews to the Pertec inteface spec.

The Qualstar, as I observed, does not.  It's basically "Pertec on the

It might be interesting if someone with a Qualstar 1xxx series drive
who's using 10' flat ribbon cables can report their success.  I suspect
that you'll hear crickets...

The point of the Qualstar drives is that they were cheap--and the design
reflects that.


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