AIX 5L/ia64 media?

Doc Shipley doc at
Sat Aug 10 11:58:43 CDT 2019

On 7/25/19 5:07 AM, Plamen Mihaylov via cctech wrote:
> I know it was a short lived, but anyone has the installation cd or iso
> image?

I was actively involved with AIX as an IBM contractor till 2010 and as a 
hobbyist user since then.  I've never heard even a rumor that such media 
exists, much less of anyone running it.

   The short version, from my perspective:

   I was teaching AIX admin courses at the time, and learned of the ia64 
port when it was mentioned in some beta course material.  I tried to 
track down any solid information with the AIX guys here in Austin and my 
Linux contacts in Durham NC.

   The official AIX for ia64 beta release, and later the licensed 
product in 2001/2002, wasn't available for customer installation, or as 
a media set for customer use.  (IBM's later statements that AIX/ia64 was 
a request-for-quote only item supports that.)  It wasn't even called 
AIX, at least within IBM, it was "Monterey".

   Further, IBM was not the sole marketing source for Monterey - 
Caldera/SCO Group and IBM were both marketing Monterey and paying each 
other royalties.  Officially, that is.  I've never found any record or 
rumor of SCO actually selling a copy.

This last is mostly scuttlebutt and surmise, but anyone who has worked 
with IBM will recognize the mindset.  When SCO started the infamous IBM 
lawsuit, I strongly suspect that IBM Legal scoured the planet for 
Monterey media and made it Gone.


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