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>> >> https://mvsevm.fsf.net
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>> >> Currently, the TOPS-10 guest account (42,42) and the Unix v7 account
>> dmr have no passwords.
>> >
>> > Just logged into TOPS-10 for the first time in many years! Far too much
>> brain bit rot but it will encourage me to build up my own RPi emulation
>> setup!
>> >
>> > Thanks.
>> Does the PI in use have good media storage device?
>> I suspect TOPS and UNIX swap pages like mad. A little SD card might wear
>> out in few weeks.
> Even the crappiest of crap SD cards these days aren't that fragile. You'd
> need to swap on the order of GB/s to wear it out that fast. Most of the SD
> cards can handle hundreds of full drive writes. At 128GB, you're looking at
> needing to generate about ~25TB of effective writes before you'd wear them
> out. Even with a crazy 10x write amp (typical is 2-3), there's no way you'd
> get that through an interface that's measured in the tens of MB/s.

Although to be fair, 50MB/s for 5 days would generate that. I doubt these
old emulated systems could generate that much write traffic via SIMH on a
sustained basis. And if the SD card is any good at all, it will be at least
10x better than that.... Assuming anything decent, and a 5MB/s write rate,
you're looking at years to wear it out with extremely heavy use.


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