Help ID'ing a PDP-8/A Omnibus board

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Thu Aug 8 11:06:55 CDT 2019

Hey all --

Got a PDP-8/A at VCFW this past weekend.  It's an OEM model sans programmer
panel and was apparently used in a CNC application.  It contains a board
I'm trying to ID.  It says "PDP-8/A CONSOLE ROM" on it and has no other
identifying marks other than a logo on the back.  See the pictures here:

None of the braintrust at VCF were able to identify this mark.  I'd guess
that the board provides a simple ODT interface or something similar.  The
three ICs in the upper-left with the handwritten labels are 82S129 256x4
bipolar PROMs.  They're not socketed so I haven't read them in yet.  The
8/A's gonna need some TLC before I dare power it on...

I'm mostly curious if anyone can ID the logo -- it would be interesting to
know who made this thing.


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