Anyone have any Datapoint software on floppy?

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at
Wed Aug 7 16:13:26 CDT 2019

Anyone interested in Datapoint should get this book:

The Lost Story of the Texans Who Invented the Personal Computer Revolution
ISBN 978-1-936449-36-1

Quite a story, I could not put it down.


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On 07.08.19 20:00, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> I picked up Eric's DP 1500 Z80 system at VCF West this weekend, unfortunately
> the boot disk has bad sectors. Anyone have any diskettes/images around for the
> 1500 or any other version of their systems?
> I took pics and dumped the firmware from it along with a DP 1551 pcb I've had
> for a while, and have been uploading the manuals to bitsavers that came with it,
> as well as a bunch that I've had scanned in the backlog
I have Catweasel images of the 2 floppies that came with my 1550 Floppy drive (  alas I do not have the 1550 itself ...)

( these are multiple catweasel  scans of the same 2 floppies )

No idea what these actually contain.....

Still hoping to find documentation and floppy images on the DP2200 / DP1100 floppy drive electronics.


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