Photos from VCF West 2019

ED SHARPE couryhouse at
Wed Aug 7 01:23:51 CDT 2019

 Glad to see people showing the Fabritek some love! We have several if these at SMECC.. one can be traded off for another trainer or?
Great display of trainers and single board things!
I have a fascination  with the  trainers... We have one built by IBM that to date no one can identify date etc.
Here is link to this.  ( see item on left. This trainer uses standard  consumer IBM vacuum tube plug-able units
 Does anyone have one also?  I would like to get a power supply or schematic for one to  demo it.- Ed# 
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On 8/6/19 10:13 AM, Brian K. Perry via cctalk wrote:
> Thought I would share some photos I took of VCF West this past weekend in
> Mountain View, CA.
Any (more) photos of Cameron's RISC laptops and portables exhibits? Or 
the IPX lunchbox exhibit (so I can compare it to my exhibit at last 
year's VCF PNW)?


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