Photos from VCF West 2019

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That must have been photos from Saturday morning, by Saturday afternoon we had to rearrange the Apple-1 cases because we had 14 at the show at once with a minimum of 2 continually running and we were working on repairing some on the table behind the one with Marco Boglione’s Apple-1 playing music.  We got 4 more running and 1 we started but didn’t finish because we ran out of time.    We even had a few show up on Sunday that didn’t RSVP they were coming, so 17 unique Apple-1 computers, not counting the one in the CHM collection ,were on the floor at one time or another over the weekend.  It was so crazy I never even powered mine up, though mine is usually shown running at VCF east so no excitement having it run.  

You also missed getting a picture of the AGC opened up.  The guys who did the restoration of operational one on Sunday opened up the AGC so you could see the modules inside. 


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>> Any (more) photos of Cameron's RISC laptops and portables exhibits?
> I'll be putting up my own soonish as soon as I can escape from $DAYJOB.
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