Alphaservers for free in Athabasca, Alberta

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at
Mon Aug 5 19:51:16 CDT 2019

A mere 579 miles from Kamloops.  Unfortunately have to talk to my 
wife who thinks I have too many computers even though I've given away 
bulk of my DEC stuff.  Never got a chance to play around on Alpha as 
it came out during my Mac days.

>I have access to 3 ES45s, a DS15, and an RA8000 in a tall blue 
>Compaq rack in Athabasca, Alberta.  All the in-service disks were 
>removed but all the spares are available.  The box also has the 
>fibre switches used the connect the RA8000 to the servers and the 
>cables, much of the paper documentation, and assorted doodads.  It 
>would probably work if plugged in but it has been a year since it 
>was turned off.
>Athabasca, Alberta is about 1.000km North of the US Montana border 
>and 10,000km from nowhere but it is summer and the weather is nice 
>so we might be able to load this great heavy beast on a trailer and 
>haul it up to a day's drive away if anybody want this stuff.  This 
>is rural Alberta so
>a day's drive is a l-o-n-g way (like 1,000km?).
>I tried to give this away in early 2019 but the deal fell through.  If
>I don't get a place to send it then I will keep the DS15 and convert the
>rest of it into scrap metal.
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