Various Mac PowerPC, Dec and Sun equipment available in Houston TX

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at
Mon Aug 5 10:31:34 CDT 2019

The clearing continues...

I have several system that are free to anyone who wants them before they 
get tossed. Local pick up gets preference but I'll ship if you are 
willing to pay for UPS packing and shipping. None of the systems have 
been powered on in several years and the DEC and Sun equipment is 
incomplete, see notes below. All systems are as is and include base 
system only, no monitors, keyboards, etc.

All of the Macs came from a company that did audio/video production 
work. I believe these were mostly used to record and edit audio in a 
recording studio though some may have been used in their art department 
for graphics work. Systems include:

Mac PowerPC 9600/300
Five Mac PowerPC G4s (Couple of the systems have cases modded for rack 

The DEC equipment is as follows:

MicroVAX 3100 - No idea what is inside or condition. Case has an opening 
where it appears a tape or removable drive once was installed but is no 
longer there.
DEC Storage Expansion - Believe this went with the MicroVAX above but 
not sure, no idea what all is inside or condition.

And finally the Sun:

Sun SparcStation 5 - No idea condition of what is inside, probably 
incomplete or missing components but no idea.

All the above are offered free for local pickup or you pay to have them 
packed and shipped.

Located in Houston, TX.

Contact me off list if you have any questions or want to arrange pickup.

David Williams

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