Avoid shipping with pre-sale deals on stuff from Sellam's collection--today only!

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 17:17:24 CDT 2019

Howdy Folks.

I wish I had thought of this a few days ago, but I wasn't sure if I was
going to be making it to the VCF event this weekend.  Being that I am, I'd
like to offer to bring any item that you want to purchase to the VCF if
you're going to be there yourself.  That way you can save on the shipping.

Also note that I have "show prices", which are higher than my normal prices
to offset the consignment commission.  However, if you confirm a purchase
beforehand, you will pay the regular asking price.

The listings on my Virtual Warehouse of Computing Wonders are presently up
to date:


Please be reminded that this is not my complete inventory, but merely what
I have presently processed and listed from my warehouse mine.  If there's
something you are looking for that I don't have listed, please send a
request by e-mail.



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