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Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu Aug 1 18:19:07 CDT 2019

>> our legendary VCF consignment sale,
On Thu, 1 Aug 2019, Ali via cctalk wrote:
> Maybe at the other meets (e.g. MW or Pacific NW) but the last few times not so much at VCFW. Last year I bought some stuff because Fred specifically brought stuff for me.

I don't know about "legendary"; I'd reserve that for Sellam's early events 
which were more like a flea market plus exhibits.  BUT, I was very pleased 
with how consignment was managed last year.   I was surprised at how 
thoroughly the "FREE" table cleared.

>> great food
> Yeah..... Not quite ;)

Well, it wasn't bad.  Not great; but OK.
Much like Diogenes' favorite wine :-)

>> , and incredible company/friends!
> This now be true!

And how!

> Honestly the exhibits are great, the CHM access is an awesome bonus and 
> do what I do eat off site...
> Unfortunately I will be missing it this year.

It's a maybe whether I can manage to get there this year.
But, I won't be able to take a carload of stuff.

> p.s. Is this one of those thread jacking incidence you were talking about? ;)
Well, announcement of Apple Ones is certain to bring about arguments about 
the machine.  I think that one is well worth $666.66   but not what people 
are paying for them.

This "thread jacking" continuous heading off on tangents is the basis of 
Vannevar Bush's dislike of hierarchical organization of information, Ted 
Nelson's "Hypertext", and Berners-Lee's WWW.

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