Announcing Cadetwriter

Dave Babcock dave at
Thu Aug 1 11:15:32 CDT 2019

To all,

After several more months of delays - personal and project issues - 
Cadetwriter is being released.  [Cadetwriter is the official name of our 
general-purpose, Wheelwriter-based Computer Terminal.]  The public 
unveiling will be at this weekend's VCF West at the Computer History 
Museum in Mountain View, California. Attached is a flyer on the device.

At the show we'll be demonstrating the Cadetwriter connected to:
         *  IBM 1620 Jr. via USB & proprietary protocol
         *  ALTAIR 8800 replica (Chris Davis) via RS-232 running OS/8
         *  PiDP-8/I replica (Oscar Vermeulen) via USB running MITS 
Extended 16K BASIC (Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Monte Davidoff)
         *  Windows laptop via USB and a USB->RS-232 adapter

Our plan for the show is to invite anyone with a computer having an 
RS-232 or USB port to try out Cadetwriter with their computer. We're 
hoping for a lot of takers

We're finishing getting the documentation written or updated and 
everything uploaded to GitHub.  It should all be available next week.

We appreciate your patience.

IBM 1620 Jr. Team

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