Picked up a couple 386 machines

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 17:05:03 CST 2018

While working at the scrapyard today, i managed to get a couple 386
machines right as they were being dropped off. One is a pakard bell
with monitor, in pristine condition. The other is a Tandy 2500 with
monitor, in rough looking shape but working too. The monitor is pretty
beat up for the tandy but working.

I have been on the look ut for a good 386 mahine for a while now, i
got kinda lucky and picked up two working systems in one day.

The pakard bell is up and running fine, it was a pretty standard
machine and just needed a hard drive.

The tandy 2500 is pretty nice as well, it has a cdrom and a hard drive
installed, although the hard drive is dead and seems to only accept AT
hard drives.

I am still learning about tandy computers, on my other machines, i was
unable to find an 8 bit isa cad that could support newer ide drives.
On the machine i just picked up it looks like a 16 bit isa slot is
free, if i were to install a 16 bit ide hard drive controller for use
with newer ide drives, would it work, or cause some kind of conflict
with the onboard hard drive controller?

The floppy drive is quite dirty but reads disks sometimes, i need to
clean it up. Im hoping to post back with a couple pictures of both the
machines running. I do not need them both, I really like the packard
bell, but if someone absolutely needs a 386 machine with monitor I am
open to offers to get one shipped out and keep the other one.


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