Suggestions for 16 mm movies to digital conversion

John Foust jfoust at
Wed Feb 28 16:42:15 CST 2018

At 01:09 PM 2/24/2018, Pete Lancashire via cctalk wrote:
>I have a small, 5-20 stack of 16 mm's of movies dealing with computers
>The one in front of me is
>"Once Upon a Punched Card"
>I am looking for a place in the USA with a reasonable price to have them
>digitized and I will place them on both my Google drive and a Youtube
>So far I have only been able to find places I can not afford.

I use .  I've used them for both 8mm and 16mm.

They have sales now and then that'll drop 40% off the price.  They're
running one now until March 3.

They scan digitally with LED illumination, frame by frame.  It'll 
brighten your old film in ways you can't imagine.  They'll scan 
to HD (1920x1080) resolution.

I send them a hard drive and they return the files as Quicktime ProRes
movie files.  These days, send 'em a bare SATA SSD to save on shipping.
If you didn't want to edit yourself, they can send you a DVD or far better 
yet a Blu-ray.

As I look at their web site now, I don't see a link that gets
me to these services I describe, that I've used as recently as a 
month or two ago.  I'll write them a note to see where the straight-forward
per-foot pricing and hard drive options went.

For 8mm, many old cameras would actually expose more of the width of 
the film than you'd ever see on your projector, so I have them scan 
the full frame.

Here's an example of a color home movie from the 1940s that I had 
converted to VHS in the early 90s via telecine, compared to a modern
digital scan:

- John

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