Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Feb 27 13:10:47 CST 2018

A preliminary list:

Wrist computer (Epson RC-20, Fossil PalmOS): wear it.
PDA: put it in a pocket.
Tablet: a large pocket or a briefcase
Notebook: under your arm or a briefcase
Laptop: briefcase or suitcase, public transit
Microcomputer: box, car
Small minicomputer: crate, hand truck, a friend with a pickup truck
Medium minicomputer: built-in casters, refrigerator dolly, a van
Large minicomputer: pallets, forklift, liftgate truck, neighbors and beer
Mainframe: pack up and move to where the computer is.

There are exceptions to each category, such as "desktop" computers too 
heavy to put on flimsy modern desks, minis that won't fit through 
doorways, and you might already live in a mainframe.   Although a Cray 
couch doesn't look very comfortable for sleeping on.

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