DEC Pro 350

Kurt Hamm kurt at
Sun Feb 25 16:39:24 CST 2018

Thanks for the suggestions. Interestingly, upon first boot I was able to
get the hard disk controller error with the picture of the computer.  Then,
sure subsequent reboots failed to display anything.

I removed all the cards and booted with no luck.

It looks like I will need to build a cable to try terminal mode.  I did
hook a vt220 with a 9to25 cablw, but didn't get anything.

Since successful booting is intermittent, probably a heat or power
problem.  I will continue to try to get terminal mode working.


On Feb 25, 2018 3:17 PM, "Mattis Lind" <mattislind at> wrote:

> fredag 23 februari 2018 skrev Kurt Hamm via cctalk <cctalk at
> >:
>> Well, I bought that DEC Pro 350 on ebay.  It initially booted up and I got
>> the error screen.  The error code I found on the Internet was related to
>> the hard disk controller.  So, I thought I just needed someone to
>> sell/give
>> me some systems disks for the unit and I could try to setup the drive
>> again
>> if it still functioned.
>> Then, it after a couple of restarts (I re-seated the boards and cleaned
>> the
>> connectors) it stopped showing the error screen (with picture of the
>> computer).  All the diagnostic lights are red on the back and nothing ever
>> shows on the screen.  The power comes on and then nothing.
> The tech manual is :  http://bitsavers.informatik.
> Professional_300_Series_Technical_Manual_Dec82.pdf
> In case you haven't already found it.
> All LED on means sytem module failed. (Page 5-33). Have you checked power
> supply voltages? I would try to remove all option boards and see if that
> makes any difference. The printer port is actually a console port. The
> details is in the manual (page 5-126 and 5-131). I suspect that all leds
> come on if it fails to run the rom based diagnostic. It might have halted
> to uODT in case you could try use the console to see if you could diagnose
> the problem.
>> If anyone has any thoughts, I would appreciate it.  I knew the history of
>> this type of computer and figured it was a long shot.  I am just
>> disappointed to have gotten really nowhere with it.
>> Thanks!
>> Kurt
> Good luck!
> /Mattis

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