ISO: Tektronix 4404 peripherals

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sun Feb 25 22:38:37 CST 2018

Hi all --

I'm working on fixing up a Tektronix 4404 workstation (runs 
Smalltalk-80!).  Or rather, I'm trying to collect the needed parts to 
assemble a complete system so that I might fix up said system -- at the 
moment I have only the main CPU unit (but hey, it's a good starting 
point).  I am looking for:

- Keyboard (Tektronix P/N 119-1872-00)

- Mouse (Logitech P7-3F-TX-19-1808-00).  This is likely a standard 
3-button quadrature mouse but if I can find the exact match, so much the 

- Mass Storage (Tektronix model 4944, possibly others?  This is a SCSI 
device containing a hard drive on a SCSI->MFM bridge and 5.25" floppy 
drive on a custom SCSI->floppy interface.)

If anyone happens to have spares or knows anyone who might, please let 
me know.  Thanks as always!

- Josh

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