What is vintage

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Sun Feb 25 21:46:44 CST 2018

It could be argued that the industry was already going before that.

How many remember
Thinker Toys
Kentucky Fried Computers
Intergalactic Digital research

When the industry lost its sense of humor,
it was the beginning of the end.
THAT was the beginning of the end of "vintage".

Now, of course, the principals are embarrassed, and deny that there was a 
culture clash between DRI and IBM, that the FIRST prototype of a 5.25" 
disk was a bar napkin, etc.

I have in front of me, a 1983 copy of "InvisiCalc"
Why ask "What if. . .?"
When you can ask "Who cares?"
The software is for ANY computer with 5.25" drive,
disunirregardless of disk format!

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