DEC Pro 350

Kurt Hamm kurt at
Fri Feb 23 07:10:49 CST 2018

Well, I bought that DEC Pro 350 on ebay.  It initially booted up and I got
the error screen.  The error code I found on the Internet was related to
the hard disk controller.  So, I thought I just needed someone to sell/give
me some systems disks for the unit and I could try to setup the drive again
if it still functioned.

Then, it after a couple of restarts (I re-seated the boards and cleaned the
connectors) it stopped showing the error screen (with picture of the
computer).  All the diagnostic lights are red on the back and nothing ever
shows on the screen.  The power comes on and then nothing.

If anyone has any thoughts, I would appreciate it.  I knew the history of
this type of computer and figured it was a long shot.  I am just
disappointed to have gotten really nowhere with it.



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