Maxtor full-height 5.25" drives of death

allison allisonportable at
Thu Feb 22 16:52:36 CST 2018

On 02/22/2018 07:45 AM, Ulrich Tagge via cctech wrote:
> /Here is my list. 6x RD54 (Maxtor XT2190) >2x OK, 2x Media Error, 1x
> Actuator Issue, 1x Head issue 3x RD53 (Micropolis 1325) >2x Actuator
> issue, 1x actuator issue followed by spinning issue (speed sensor?)
1325s with head stuck will normally spin down.  If the head does not
position there is no servo
so the motor control shuts the show down.  The fix is pop the cover and
remove the offending goo that
was the bead bumper stop.


> 4x Seagate ST251 >4x OK 3x Seagete ST225 >3x OK 3x IBM Type 068 >3x
> Dead On the 3.5" side I have also many dead drives (<1GB capacity).
> Mostly sticky actuators and dead tantalum caps, but by now nothing I
> was not able to repair. Many Greetings Ulrich /
>>> A tangential question out of curiosity: who here has 5.25" MFM
>>> drives they're extremely surprised are still working, and which
>>> model(s)?
>>> ...
>>> - John

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