Searching for Sun2 and Sun3 bits and bobs- a long-running project approaches completion!

Ian ian.finder at
Sat Feb 24 16:46:22 CST 2018

Hi folks,

I recently, on a trip to Oregon, finally got a compatible ECL monitor for my Sun 2. It came with a rather nice Sun 3/260, which I’d like to run as well.

So I thought I’d put out a beg here- I’m so close to finishing this.

I need to shake loose a keyboard and mouse for a Sun 2. 

Would anyone be willing to sell me one? I’m not expecting a handout; they would be paid for and well loved.

On a related note, I’d love to run the 3/260 as well: What I’d like to do for that is hunt down a Sun color framebuffer for it so I can use a more common display. (and of course, enjoy the wonders of color).

I’m not sure what the options there are, but I have a nice scan converter so just about any compatible color framebuffer will do. I can then totally repurpose the monitor I’ve just found for my 2/120.

So, in the words of another immortal list member, “advice     hints ????”

Thanks in advance,

- I

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