Suggestions for 16 mm movies to digital conversion

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Sat Feb 24 14:23:14 CST 2018

Hey Pete,

I can't speak to 16mm film transfer but did a fine job
for me on a huge assortment of print photos and VHS tapes.


Anders Nelson

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> On Sat, 24 Feb 2018, Pete Lancashire via cctalk wrote:
>> I have a small, 5-20 stack of 16 mm's of movies dealing with computers
>> The one in front of me is
>> "Once Upon a Punched Card"
>> I am looking for a place in the USA with a reasonable price to have them
>> digitized and I will place them on both my Google drive and a Youtube
>> So far I have only been able to find places I can not afford.
>> Suggestions, Ideas, etc ?
> Digital telecine
> If you don't need high quality, how much does Costco charge for their
> "home movies" conversions?
> 'Course, if you want the best, you'd have to pay the prices for Monaco
> Labs and Leo Diner Films. ?
> If you want to make your own digital Telecine hardware, . . . In college,
> instead of the usual aiming a camera at the screen (kinescope), I put
> extension tubes behind the lens on a C-mount video camera (an added
> extension equal to the focal length of the lens will move the focus from
> infinity to twice the focal length at 1:1) and shoved it into the
> projector, in place of the projection lens.  In those days, the difference
> in frame-rate was the biggest problem (16(silent),18(super 8),24(sound)
>  V  30/60,35/50); bizarre frame-skipping, frame doubling algorithms were
> developed that don't need to be necessary for MP4.
> You would probably want to go into the projector to add a switch to give
> continuity on a wire timed to the film-gate, to single shot the camera for
> digitizing, . . .
> This guy was working on doing it with flat-bed scanner??

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