Seeking RL02K cartridge

Aaron Jackson aaron at
Wed Feb 21 19:21:18 CST 2018

>     > I am wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me an RL02K cartridge
>     > for a sensible price?
> There are a bunch listed on eBait for not wholly unrealistic prices; I
> wouldn't buy a bunch there, but it you only need one, for testing... Not sure
> if any of the ones for sale there are the moment are in the UK, though. (I
> recall some a few months ago, so it's not impossible, and worth a check.)
> 	Noel

Hi Noel,

I ended up ordering an RL02K-DC today from Lightning Systems in the
UK. I've bought stuff from them before, not overly expensive, but not
overly cheap either. At least I know that it has been tested and works.

I just *really* hope nothing goes wrong when I load it. If it does, I
will give up on RL02 completely. I don't want to be responsible for
crashing another pack, so this will be my last attempt. Given that I am
able to load a clean pack without any bad noises, just not able to read
it because of lost servo data on the first track, I think it might be
okay. I hope...


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