VCF PNW 2018: Pictures!

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> Really the H6180 looks a lot more like the DPS-8 I remember.  We had a
> single CPU Dev system, and a 4 CPU Production system running GCOS-8.  I
> thought I might have some drawings of the panels, but if I do they’re in
> the garage somewhere.  Another site, had a DPS-8000, our site was pretty
> old, and had been upgraded over time.  For example the memory cabinets were
> mostly empty, due to upgrades.
The DPS8 and DPS8/M did away with the blinking light panels. However, it
was possible to mix 6080 and DPS8 CPUs in a system; you may be remembering
a 6080 that was the original CPU in a system that had acquired DPS8 CPU and
SCU upgrades?

-- Charles

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