Why don't you respect the mail threads?!

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at hachti.de
Wed Feb 21 06:26:57 CST 2018

I have to say that I hate this email thread abuse so much...!
Is it so difficult to leave the thread about PICTURES (fill in whatever 
topic it was about) intact? It would be so much better to start a new 
thread instead:

- Does not disturb original discussion.
- Can be found and identified easily: Do you think that you will find 
the <blah blah emulator intersting blah> easily in a few years if it's 
discussed under the caption "VCF PNW 2018: Picture!"?

And on the other hand there are those people who seem to be unable to 
create a prober reply to the list and therefore make threads appear 
scattered and broken into many many pieces...

Sorry for ranting, but I enjoyed the pictures and following discussion 
so much and now encountering that dumb emulator discussion in this place 
annoys me so much...!
And yes, I know that I sent this message as a reply to another message.

Kind regards


On 19.02.2018 15:44, geneb via cctalk wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Feb 2018, Zane Healy via cctalk wrote:
>> What do they have up there for Honeywell?  Any DPS-8’s?  I know they 
>> should have at least a box of GCOS-8 manuals (in hindsight, the only 
>> manuals I regret sending up there).
> Zane, they've got a DPS-8 maintenance/operator/? panel sitting right out 
> front.  It's fully operational and is connected via some magic hardware 
> to a Raspberry Pi running a Multics emulator. The guy that wrote the 
> emulator gave a talk that should be the first one you watch once Erik 
> has a chance to get the video posted.

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