qd32 trouble

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 17:49:37 CST 2018

Hi all,
  Would anyone here be able to help me troubleshoot my qd32 controller?  I
have a pdp11/73 that's mostly working, boots 2.11bsd from rl02 okay, but I
need my big disk to work so I can load the rest of the distro.
  I've been following the manual for the qd32 to enter the geometry of my
real working Fuji m2333 (jumpered correctly according to the manuals), but
when I load the special command into the qd32's SP register that's supposed
to load the geometry table I entered in pdp11 memory to the qd32's novram,
I get a bad status value from the qd32's SP register and it remains
unresponsive when I try to store the geometry.  If I go ahead and try the
built-in qd32 format command, it responds similarly.  When I pull in mkfs
from tape (vtserver) and try anyway, despite the failures, to run mkfs on
the m2333, I get an !online error from the standalone unix mkfs.  The disk
does respond (the select light flashes and I can hear heads actuating), but
without geometry and format, I'm obviously dead in the water.

  I understand that there used to exist some Emulex qd32/pdp11 diagnostics
that could help the situation, but my previous attempts to find copies have
come up short.

  Any suggestions on how to proceed?


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