Seeking RL02K cartridge

Aaron Jackson aaron at
Mon Feb 19 16:27:57 CST 2018

Hi all,

Inspired by CuriousMarc's recent video, I cleaned and fixed my RL02
heads. Not with an ultrasonic cleaner unfortunately, but in a warm IPA
bath. It worked! Loading a crashed pack is obviously not a good idea,
although I cleaned the cartridge well, and figured with bad heads and a
bad pack, I might as well try it. The heads no longer crash and appear
clean after loading, but the cartridge, of course, cannot be read as the
first track has been destroyed from the initial crash. I think the crash
was cause by bad heads before I got the RL02 drive.

I posted some pictures of the process here:

I am wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me an RL02K cartridge
for a sensible price?

After the cleaning I am guessing my alignment will be slightly off, but
from what I have read in the manual, this is will probably just result
in the read/write speed being reduced as the heads have to move slightly
when switching between either side of the platter. Am I right in
thinking this or completely wrong?


Aaron Jackson
PhD Student, Computer Vision Laboratory, Uni of Nottingham

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