Bendix G-15 [was: Re: VCF PNW 2018: Pictures!]

Evan Koblentz cctalk at
Sun Feb 18 13:37:32 CST 2018

>> Wow, even a Bendix G-15 in there (although with Control Data logo).
> Nope, look again, there are two :-)

Actually they have three.

> The last time I checked, the remaining inventory was:
>   - Smithsonian (S/N 1)
>   - CHM (on static display)
>   - these 2
>   - the one at MARCH
>   - a University in Australia who was attempting to restore theirs

MARCH no longer exists. It's VCFed Mid-Atlantic chapter. :)

I know of a few in private hands. And I know of someone who has two or 
three that he's looking to sell.

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