Control Data 841 disk drive's 3-phase power supply resurrection

Al Kossow aek at
Sun Feb 18 13:24:30 CST 2018

On 2/18/18 9:34 AM, P Gebhardt via cctalk wrote:
> Hello list,
> currently, I am in the process of trying to bring back to life a disk drive installation from Control Data known as "841 Multiple Disk Drive" ( MDD ).

"BM101" shown in the pictures is what you should be looking for

90310500_Literature_Catalog_Jan85.pdf on bitsavers page 22 shows

BM101/103 multiple disk drive gen desc    p/n 41248900
oper, instal ckout maint ce man
theory,diagrams, wire list                p/n 41249000
parts data                                p/n 41243700

'412' is Normandale operations code #

I've got 41249000


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