Looking for info on some Olympia CP/M machines - ETX I, ETX II & EX 100

Robert robert626001 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 09:42:13 CST 2018

This week, I scored four Olympia boxes - an ETX I, an ETX II and two EX 100s.

Googling has not been very fruitful. I have established that the ETX
II and the EX 100 are CP/M machines, SSDD 48 tpi 5.25" and DSDD 48 tpi
5.25" respectively and have seen one assertion that the ETX II is
S-100 based - I won't be able to confirm that until I open it up. I
found nothing on the ETX I. It doesn't seem to have a floppy drive, so
may not be a CP/M box. I guess I'll have to power it on and see if it
gives me a clue as to what's in the firmware.

As best I can figure out, these were sold as add ons for electric
typewriters. You hooked them up, with they typewriter acting as
keyboard and printer and you had a word processor or computer.

I think I have one interface board, that came in a box with the EX I.

Does anybody know anything about these machines? It seems like a boot
disk from an Osborne One would work.

Most immediately, though, does anybody know which typewriters they
worked with? I have an opportunity to go back to where I got them,
today and it would be great if I didn't have to haul off every damn
typewriter with "Olympia" on it!

-- Robert

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