Large HP plotter on the curb in Arlington, MA

Zane Healy healyzh at
Mon Feb 12 16:07:29 CST 2018

The model should be “1055CM".  I used to support a bunch of these.  Not a bad plotter.  Definitely preferred them to the Versatec plotters they replaced.  I suspect HP won’t support it.  I ran into that problem with an earlier model, then to my surprise I found a local outfit that would repair them for a third of what HP had been charging us.  

No clue what the ink availability is these days.  The ink carts aren’t cheap, and if it has issues with the print head, someone might have been running old ink through it.


> On Feb 12, 2018, at 1:59 PM, Phil Budne via cctalk <cctalk at> wrote:
> Spotted next to driveway of 7 Central St, Arlington MA
> Model C6075A.
> Attached sign says "needs new print head"
> is copyright 2006, so perhaps not "classic"
> and says:
> 	"HP Designjet 1055cm Printer"
> 	(tho 1055mm seems more likely to me)
> Tomorrow (13th) is trash day, current forecast is 0% chance of
> precipitation today and tomorrow.  You'll need a van or a pickup
> truck, it's larger than I could drag home, and I've no place to put
> it.

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