Microfiches on Ebay

Mike Norris mike_t_norris at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 12 12:37:19 CST 2018

Hi Mattis at al,

> I cannot find the DW750 Technical manual online for example.  But someone
> has bought that fiche now.  Of course there are plenty of manuals for
> various printers and other esoteric devices which might be of less
> interest.There is a "DEC GT41/GT43 Graphic Display Terminal Install &
> Maintenance Manual" for which I cannot find any traces of online. What is
> GT41/GT43 BTW?

I have three boxes of fiche here, looking for a new home, hopefully to someone who won't sell them on ebay, but can use them in their hobby!

I just looked for a few of the items raised, there is a manual for the GT41/43 although there 3 fiches for the GT40 so it must have been quite a beast to write code for, I suspect there were some updated command for the GT41/43 although never saw one of these myself.
There is also the Tech Dec. for the DW750.
Can't find anything for the H7260 which I know someone was trying to track down.

I did try to scan the fiche but without any real success!

Anyway I probably have the reader as well but will need to find that, I am in the UK and obviously the fiche are fairly heavy so it would be expensive to ship, but if anyone is interested please let me know, I can check through if there is something you really need and can provide photographs, maybe able to screen scrape of the fiche reader when I find if.

Regards Mike Norris

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