Duplicate PDP-11 fiche FTGH

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Feb 12 06:23:26 CST 2018

So I bought some of those fiche that that eBay seller had, for publications I
couldn't locate (either physical, or online), but now that I have a complete
set of fische, the duplicates aren't any use. So, if anyone has a use for
them, let me know, FTGH:

They are:

  BA11-N Tech Manual
  BA11-N User's Guide
  DC11 Tech Manual
  DEUNA Tech Manual
  DR11-B Maint Manual
  FP11-B Maint Manual
  KB11-A,D Maint Manual
  KD11-D Maint Manual
  KK11-A Tech Manual

(Please don't say "I'll take them all", I'd like to 'spread the wealth' around
a bit... :-)


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