How to enable USB drives in both Windows 98SE AND MS-DOS 7.1.

Terry Stewart terry at
Thu Feb 8 02:11:04 CST 2018

>I recall using these drivers several years ago.

>As I recall, the problem is that they're not amenable to hot-swapping.
>That is, is you're using a USB flash drive with them, there was no code
>that allowed you to remove the drive and substitute another without

>Has this situation changed?

Good question Chuck.  Certainly the Windows 98SE one allows hot swapping if
you "stop" the drive but I haven't tried swapping with the MS-DOS ones.  I
would doubt it as there is no facility in MS-DOS I know to "unmount" one
and recognise another separately from driver load on boot.

Fortunately this functionality isn't important to me as I ever only use the
USB sticks to file transfer so one per sitting is all I need.

Terry (Tez)

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