Good Electronic/computer stores SF area

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Tue Feb 6 19:22:31 CST 2018

Halted may not be too long in following. The guys that run it want to retire. If someone doesn't pick up the business they may have to drop it as well.

I hadn't been over to ACE in about a year or more. It is too bad. They had parts that no one else had.


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but I've been told ACE has gone out of business
that pretty much just leaves Anchor, Excess Solutions, Halted, and Weird Stuff

On 2/6/18 3:23 PM, Douglas Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> I haven't been in the San Francisco area in about 30 years.
> I remember a number of used computer/electronics stores back then, can't remember any names except Weird Stuff Warehouse.
> Are there any stores that are worth a visit?
> What about outside of the SF area?
> Doug

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