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It might be a good idea to put color codes like on a resistor on the connector plug. You know, green for 5 gold for + center pin and silver for - center pin.

No gold or silver band would be AC.

Brown Red Gold would be 12VDC + on center pin.


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> .. which led me to accidentally power a USB hub with 12V instead of
> 5V - the power supplies looked the same, had the same plug, and I
> couldn't read the tiny writing on the warts. That blew the nicest
> notebook PC I've ever found - I bought it in Japan at a special
> price, the normal price is out of my league.

I've done worse--used an AC-supply wall wart on a piece of equipment.
Poor thing didn't stand a chance.

You'd have thought that after all these years, some sort of keying
system would have been developed, but I guess not.


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