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My EPROM Programmers all have a connection foir external power

specifically because sometimes USB can't provide the needed current.


On 02/05/2018 02:06 PM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> On 02/05/2018 10:20 AM, Mark G Thomas via cctalk wrote:
>> 2) Many of the chips were failing to program because my Batronix
>>     programmer apparently requires more current than my USB port provides.
>>     This surprised me because I have been programming chips for years
>>     using this programmer on this computer port successfully, and this
>>     is the first I have had the problem. Using a Anker powered USB hub solved
>>     things. My Batronix programmer even arrived with a cheap powered hub
>>     when I ordered it, but I never used it because it was shipped with an
>>     incompatible wall wart, but looking at it in the box gave me the idea
>>     that this might be the issue.
> You should be aware that many "thin" Far East USB cables will not pass
> the full USB 1.5A current without substantial voltage drop.   I recently
> ran into this with a new LG portable DVD drive.  It refused to operate,
> even though I'd just taken it out of the box.   I replaced the "thin"
> USB cable with several other "thin" ones that I had with the same
> result.  Finally, in desperation, I located a "thick" USB cable, plugged
> the drive in, and discovered that it worked just fine.
> Moral:  There's a lot of garbage out there.
> Rant:  The whole scheme of supplying anything but low-current using USB
> is a terrible idea.  I have a similar gripe with barrel connectors,
> which don't seem to enforce any standard at all regarding polarity or AC
> vs. DC.
> For my own projects I've taken to using mini XLR connectors. Perhaps not
> optimal, but they're rugged enough.
> --Chuck

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