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On 2/4/2018 3:42 PM, Douglas Taylor via cctech wrote:
> The alphaserver 1000a I have has a storageworks array.
> The disk carriers are green in color, I see storageworks disks for sale on ebay that are blue.  What is the difference? Are they interchangeable?

Green are the original SE SCSI.  Top speed 5/10Mb.  The blue are LVD SCSI  Top speed 20Mbs?  They are not the faster 160 or 320 SCSI.   You can put either in your A/S 1000 but the blue will be limited to the 5/10Mb speed of the SE SCSI bus.

> Is it possible (or even wise) to open one of the green carriers and change the disk out?

Yes. I have done it many times replacing failed or just old disks with new(er).  As other have said, you have to carefully unlatch the cover.  There are four (4) latches, two on each side.  The plastic latches WILL break if you push too far or too hard (I know this because... ).  Then carefully slide them apart. The back side with the connector will come loose, tethered to the disk drive by a flexible mylar circuit.  Odds are that if it's a green can then it has a 50-pin SCSI connector on the drive.  If it's a blue can then odds are it's an 80-pin SCA type.

I had a 24-slot RA8000 with a bunch of blue cans that I put Seagate 18GB half-height drives in about 8 years ago.  I jsut gave it away since I was moving from Ohio to Texas last September.

> Doug

John H. Reinhardt

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