Password reset for ~1998 AIX on RS/6000?

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Fri Feb 2 22:43:34 CST 2018

On 02/02/2018 06:26 PM, Tapley, Mark via cctalk wrote:
> thanks most kindly to all! It is rare in this hobby that I can report 
> that things went perfectly the first time, but this is one of those 
> times. I have reset the root password and logged in successfully, and the 
> machine appears to be responding nominally. I believe I will be using that 
> machine to push command databases for the re-animated IMAGE spacecraft 
> up the wire to Goddard Space Flight Center starting Monday morning.

Nicely done.

> To recap, the system is a Risc System 6000 43P-140 running AIX 4 
> (possibly 4.1; I will amplify if anyone cares). The CD described above 
> and this website
> did the trick perfectly. This is a PCI based PowerPC machine. I did need 
> to obtain an IBMid to read the web page completely.

Thank you for the confirmation.

> I have a SCSI2SD which I will probably use as a target for dd, following 
> the suggestion to back up the hard drive. Hopefully i have time enough 
> to do my homework to configure that, but as before any pointers will 
> be welcome.

If you're not familiar with AIX (or that version there of), I'd suggest 
you check to see if smit or smitty commands exist.  (I don't know what 
version they were introduced.

IMHO smit(ty) is one of the EXTREMELY nice things about AIX.  smit(ty) 
is a menu driven interface for managing the vast majority of things on 
AIX.  One of the really nice things about smit(ty) is that it will 
provide menu panes / forms that you enter information which smit(ty) 
uses to dynamically build the standard commands to administer the 
system.  You can easily (as in hit a listed function key) get smit(ty) 
to show you said commands so that you can easily learn them and execute 
them directly from the command line.

Note:  smit will try to launch a menu in GUI and fall back to text mode. 
  smitty will always launch the text mode.  (You mentioned a GUI.)

> Again, many thanks for your help!

You're welcome.

Grant. . . .
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